Five types hose couplings make Layflat hose transfer more efficient
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Because of the flexibility and mobility, layflat hose is more and more popular in the main line flow media transfer.

Accordingly, the lay flat hose couplings are becoming more and more important during the connection between hose to hoseand hose to equipment. There are five types popular lay flat hose couplings are used in general works, let us introduce them to you.

 1)     Camlock couplings

Camlock coupling are also known as Cam and Groove coupling.ICM Industries range of Camlock couplings are manufactured to interchange with all product produced to Mil Spec A-A 59326. The size 1/2” (15mm) and 8” (200mm) couplings are not covered by Mil Spec A-A 59326, these sizes are manufacturesspecification only. Size available: 1/2”-12”, Threads: BSP, NPT. Material: AL,BR, SS, PP and Nylon.

In view of this quick and convenient connection and disconnection, Camlock couplings are very popular for lay flat PVC hose and sizeless than 4” PU and NBR/PVC lay flat hose, even fire hose. 

2)     Bauer couplings:

Bauer coupling are widely used in farming, gardening, industry, construction, roadand tunnel building, groundwater drainage, sewage treatment plants, waste water disposal and environmental engineering. Bauer coupling design allows angulardefection of the connected coupling ( max. 30°up to 108mm, 20°in bigger sizes) Size:2”-12”. Types: Hose end types and Crimp Bauer coupling types. Material: Galsteel and stainless steel. Perrot coupling and Ferrari coupling also availableon request.


3)     Pin lug couplings

Pin Lug Hose Couplings are an economical and convenient coupling set for light duty liquid suction anddischarge applications. Available in sizes 1-1/2"-6" as Female, Maleand Coupling Set. Thread: NPSM, NST, NPSH. Size: 1" to 6". Seal: NBR,EPDM.


4)     Storz couplings

Storz coupling are a quick connect coupling that have aninternal lug system. They require only a one third turn for full connection.They are Hermaphrodite, or in other words, they do not have a separate male andfemale type, one coupling is both male and female.

5)     Large diameter hose couplings

Manufactured from aluminum extrusions and castings, thenhard-coat anodized for corrosion and abrasion resistance. Easily installed,field re-pairable, and re-attachable menders allow hoses to be out of servicefor a minimum amount of time. Available in sizes 3”, 4”, 5”, 5.5″, 6”,7”,7.25″, 8”, 10” & 12”. Widely used for agricultural irrigation andwastewater processing, municipal wastewater systems, industrial wastewaterprocessing, residential landscape design, drip irrigation for greenhouses,vineyard irrigation, brewery or food processing wastewater and more.

a.     Victaulic Groove hose shankcoupling

b.     Shug menders coupling-feild repair coupling/double bolt mender

c.     MultiLug Storz coupling and 4-lug12” Storz Coupling

d.     Drag hose coupling

e. Well riser coupling

If you are interested in these lay flat hose couplings, please feel free to contact us. We have confidience to get your connections done. We have confidience to offer safer, repetable and valuable solutions for your hosese and equipment. Contact with us now!


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