New product:3"x2-1/2" Aluminum Gated WYE Valve
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Our Cast Aluminum Gated WYE Valves are ultra-light weight and durable. These WYE Valves are built according to meet US Forest Service Specifications (FSS) and are certified at 300 psi working pressure and 600 psi stagnant pressure. Steel ball Chrome coated, and seating reduces friction while operating under pressure. Available in a variety of sizes, thread types, and finishes. 
Technical data as follows:
Size 11/2”x11/2”x11/2”, 21/2” x 11/2” x 11/2”, 3” x 21/2” x 21/2”, 4” x 21/2” x 21.2”.
Inlets: Female, 11/2”, 21/2”, 3”, 4”.
Outlets: Male 11/2”, 21/2”
Body and Handle: Aluminum
Ball: Steel chrome coated
Stem Material: Galvanized carbon steel
Handle type 1/4” turn, Quarter Turn Lever
Valve Structure Full Flow
Surface: Painted Red
Thread: BSP. (NPSH and NST is available)
Working Pressure: 250 PSI/16bar,
Proof Pressure: 375 PSI/24bar
Application: divides single flow to double flows or three flows.
Material: Body and Handle: Aluminum
Handle type: 1/4” turn, Quarter Turn Lever
Surface: Painted Red

Ball: Steel chrome coated

If you are interested the fire fighting gated WYE valve, please feel free to contact us. We have confidenceto get your connections done. We have confidence to offer safer, repeatable andvaluable solutions for your hoses and equipment. Contact with us now!  


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