Crimp Bauer couplings -Crimp KC Bauer couplings
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Crimp Bauer Couplings-KC Bauer couplings
Material: Galvanized steel
Hot-dip galvanized zn according to ISO1461:2009.
Wall thickness :2mm, local coating thickness is 45um, mean coating thickness is 55um
Gasket: NBR O-Ring gasket
Working Pressure: 20bar
Working Temperature: From -20℃ up to +50℃
Parts: male tail, female tail, lever ring and rubber ring
in the same range some other items: T joint, Y joint, 90 degree bend, 45 degree bend, flange adaptor, end cap, thread adaptor, flange adaptor, enlarger and reducer male and female, strainer, pipe galvanized and non-galvanized
Advantage: safe, fast, easy, flexible

Application: irrigation, mining and tunneling, civil engineering project, emergency water supply, dewatering and drainage

Can be used connection hose or Pipe: Suction rubber hose, delivery lay flat hose ( use hosetail type), Clear PVC hose. PVC  helix suction hose and HDPE pipe.

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