Two kinds of hose coupling are popular in fish suction and delviery
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What couplings can be used on fish suction hose?


Through Fish suction pump is the best way totransfer fishes from one pool to another. What couplings can be used on thefish suction pumps? That is depend on the fish suction pump and fish suction hose assembly.


Clear PVC helix suction hose is the best choice for the fish suction hose. The reason as follows,

1) Exposed helix providing less resistancewhen dragging

2) Clear wall allows for easy inspection ofmaterial flow.

3) Smooth bore; will not trap contaminants,high flow rates and prevent blockage.

4) Made from virgin materials; Recycled orRe ground materials are NEVER used.


Confirmed the fish suction hose, then choose the coupling is much easier.

1)     Camlock couplings: camlockcouplings is a good choice where frequent and fast connection is requested on transactionlines. Considering its convenient and cost economic, camlock couplings is much popularon the design of fish suction pump and fish suction hose. Popular sizes are 4”6” 8” and 10”

PP camlock couplings 4” and 6” type C and Type E is also available

2)     Ring lock couplings, especially the Aluminum Bauer couplings. Bauer fittings can be quickly coupled in an offset manner, up to 20°-30° in any direction which allows for unique bendsaround objects or rough terrain. Aluminum Bauer couplings are much lighter. Duaring the fish suction and delivery,  popular aluminum Bauer coupling sizes are 4", 6", 8" and 10".

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