Choose the right fittings supplier dragging you out of workplace disaster!!!
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What you feel? Seeing the above photo at first eye. Want to cry or make you mad? To me, I want to kill the one who offered these pipe fittings to us!!!

What reason causing this situation? 

Not right way to assemble it? Our workers have been for this assemble work for more than 10 years.

Choose the wrong fittings thread? We tested all the threads used our thread gauges. Each fitting thread is correct.

Why? Why? Why?

Finally, we found the problem, the thread direction angles … If choose the wrong supplier, they cannot guarantee the thread angle, then it will come this situation. How to fix it? Find the right fittings and find the right supplier!!!

You can test your fittings like the following way:

Or you can use the professional tools like us:

As we know, choosing the right pipe fittings and tubing for your machines is very important. Installing the incorrect features can result in an onslaught of issues, ranging from corrosion to downtime or even injury. 
If you choose ICM pipe fittings, all these tests we had done for you before shipment. You will not face the problem like the first photo showed. To be honest, only the strictest manufacture can pay more attention on the thread directions, and only the responsibility supplier can guarantee your pipe fittings thread direction. 

ICM Industries not only a trading company transfer the goods from factory to customers’ workshop. During this process, our eyes staring on every steps of the production process. When you get the fittings from our hands, you will feel happy as all your connection works in the correct way.

·       Connector: connects two pipes

·       Extender: fits inside pipes to extend length

·       Elbow: changes direction of water flow

·       Reducer: changes pipe size to meet hydraulicflow requirements

·       Tee: combines fluid flow from multiplebranches

·       Bushing: joins pipes of various sizes

·       Coupling: connects and disconnects of pipes formaintenance or replacement

·       Adapter: extends or changes connection type atthe end of a pipe

·       Plug: fits inside to seal pipes

·       Cap: covers the end of a pipe

·       Valve: stops or regulates flow

Stainless Steel150lb Coupling ThreadedFittings

Specification: ASTM A351

Grade: 304, 316, CF8, CF8M, 1.4408,1.4301

Size: 1/8" ~ 4"

End Type: Threaded and Socket Weld

Kind: 90 Elbow, 45 Elbow, Street Elbow.Coupling, Half Coupling, Socket Banded

Reducing Coupling, Hex Bushing, Square andHex Plug, Union, Cross, Cap, Tee


ASME B1.20.1(NPT)

DIN 2999 & BS21

ISO 228/1 & ISO 7/1


DIN 17445/DIN EN 10213 1.4408/1.4301



AISI 304. 304L, 316, 316L

Standard: MSS-SP-114, EN10241 and ISO4114,JIS


Contact:Wendy Liu +86-18660803139 (Whatsapp)



If you are interested the dimension data sheet, please check the attached PDF file :

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