What is the most popular stainless-steel IBC tank outlet?
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      As time goes, the transportation packaging materials of liquids, powders and other materials have also changed a lot. One of them is the IBC tote tank (Intermediate Bulk Container), widely used in production, storage, and transportation in industry of chemical, cosmetic, food and pharmacy etc. IBC Tank becomes and essential tool for liquid products during in modern storage and transportation.

       It is very important to choose a convenient, efficient and safety outlet combination. Ball valve and camlock couplings assembly make it sense. 

     Stainless steel ball valve + camlock coupling type F + camlock dust cap with chain.

A. Ball valve: 1pc ss ball valve, 2pc ss ball valve, 3pc ss ball valve  ( BSP, NPT, G, DIN2999 thread is available)

B. Camlock couplings: Type F ( BSPT, NPT, DIN2999 thread is available)

C. Camlock couplings: Type DC with chain ( 2”, 3”, 4”), autolock camlock coupling dust cap with chain is available. If the liquid is chemical or oil products, no leakage is very important. So auto-lock camlock couplings is your best choice.

   Between the tank body to the ball valve, elbow pipe fittings is indispensable. Such as 90 Deg elbow M/F ( Street elbow). 90 Deg elbow union and so on. For the 150lb pipe fittings, we can offer ISO4144 Standard, SP-114 Standard. If need more information, please feel free to contact with us. By email: or by online way: wechat or whatsapp: +86-18660803139, Wendy is available for 7x24H.

Except this, maybe you also need some composite hose couplings, if your IBC tank media is oil or chemical liquid.

PS: Maybe you said, our IBC Tank is not stainless steel, we are plastic IBC Tote tank manufacture, we need plastic IBC tank coupling. No problem, please check the attached PDF file, we also prepared the Plastic IBC tank accessories list for your reference. 

If you are interested some IBC tank parts, please feel free to contact us. We have confidience to get your connections done. We have confidience to offer safer, repetable and valuable solutions for your hosese and equipment. Contact with us now!


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