Five types of crimp hose couplings make hose assemble safer and easier
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Five types of crimp hose couplings make hose assemble safer and easier

From 2015, crimp hose couplings are becoming more and more popular, especially the crimp camlock coupling, crimp King combination nipples, crimp ferrules and sleeves. They make the hose assemble more easier and save more time, and raised the hose working pressure and make it safer.

Now let us introduce five types of crimp hose couplings for your reference:

1) Crimp camlock couplings: As we know, camlock couplings are also know as quick couplings. Just put the arms down, it makes the hose connection done. So, it makes it popular in rubber hose industries and stainless steel flexible braided hoses. Compare to assemble with kinds of clamps and bandit belts, crimping a ferrule to the hose is much easier and make works more efficient. Size available: 1/2"-8", material: AL, BR, PP, NY, SS

2) Crimp Bauer couplings: Bauer coupling are widely used in farming, gardening, industry, construction, road and tunnel building, groundwater drainage, sewage treatment plants, wastewater disposal and environmental engineering. Crimp Bauer couplings assemble with straight sleeves, make the assemble work more efficient, especially for the large bore hoses. Size available: 2"-12", material: Gal steel and stainless steel

3) Crimp KC nipple: Crimp KC nipple is made of welding pipe, it has no casting defects, such as casting air holes or casting shrink. Normally the SCH 40 KC nipple working pressure can be 16bar. It is used for almost all flex hose. As same as camlock hose shank coupling, kc nipples are normally assembled with bandit belt and clamp, such as worm clamp, superior heavy-duty bolts clamp and double bolts clamp. But if you use slotted KC nipple with slotted crimp ferrules or sleeves, it makes hose assemble work much happy and easier. Size available: 2"-12", material: Gal steel and stainless steel

4) Crimp stub end turn back nipple. When facing the higher-pressure industries hoses, loose flanges normally the right connect way for the heavy-duty hoses. Loose flange are normally welded to stainless steel braided flex hose, but to rubber hose, the crimp stub end turn back nipples with crimp ferrules maybe the right way to a new loose flange for them. Size available: 2"-12", material: Gal steel and stainless steel

5) Frac hammer unions: Frac hammer unions are normally used in oilfield workplace. Especially connect with frac hoses. Size available: 2"-6", material: Gal steel and stainless steel

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