12” Four-lug Large Diameter Safety Storz Coupling Bursting Pressure 60bar
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12” Four-lug LargeDiameter Safety Storz Coupling Bursting Pressure 60bar

    When facing the 12” super large diameter lay flat hose, 12” three-lug Storz couplingmaybe looks like not strong enough, and MultiLug storz coupling maybe wastemore time on assemble, why not try our forged four-lug forged Storz safety coupling.Our 12” forged four lug Storz coupling Burst pressure reach 60bar. They are easyto connection and separate, and tolerant of dirt and other small particles inthe work place. Strong enough to tackle oil field fracing and dewatering environment. 

Four-lug LDHC-Storzsafety latch type coupling Spec:

  1. Body material: 6061-T6 Aluminum,
  2. Bolts and Nuts: Galvanized steel 12.9 grade
  3. Manufacture method: Mold Forged
  4. Surface Treatment: Hard Anodized coated, thickness 45μm
  5. Bolts and nuts number: 12” 12pc
  6. Rated pressure: high strength forged heads and forged aluminum locks to exceed lock shear test of 300lbs

       12” WP:210PSI,BP:630PSI

  1. Temperature: -50℃ to 80℃
  2. Scope of hose wall thickness: 3.5-6mm
  3. Connect method: with four lugs standard Storz coupling with lock
  4. Types: Hose coupling, male, female and end cap
  5. Past 96 hours salt spray test
  6. Size available: 12”
  7. Segment Clamp pieces: 12”: 3pc heavy duty forged segment clamp
  8. Unite Weight: 12” 40kg

Note: If the actual hose ID is smaller than the normal hosesize, hose expander is recommended to assistant assembling the hose

Four-lug LDHC-Storzsafety latch type coupling Applications:

       •       Oil industry applications: Onshore/offshore oil or gas exploration

       •       Dewatering & drainage: Suction anddelivery lines for site dewatering

       •       Bypass for water & sewer lines,Dredging

       •       Water transfer (fresh & waste water)

       •       Mining & tunneling

       •       Civil engineering projects,

       •       Emergency water supply, such as flooddisaster and fire control

       •       Sludge handling

       •       Road construction

       •       Irrigation systems

       •       Well point &Pumps & pumpingstations

Four-lug LDHC-Storzsafety latch type coupling work place:
Four-lug LDHC-Storzsafety latch type coupling more details:

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