How to choose the right flanges for type B stub end?
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Stainless Steel Flex hose assembled with flanges used in a widely area. But when we assemble it, choose the right flanges and right stub end type is the important thing.

For the flanges, we can chose Slip on flange ( SORF), Lap joint Flange ( LP ) and Weld On Flanges( WN) Flanges.

For the stub ends, we usally choose the ASTM A 403 or MSS-SP-43 standard stub end, which are made of seamless ss304 or ss316 pipe. Now, lCM will use some pictures to show how to choose the right one for your ss braided hoses.

Firstly, lest us confirm which one is type A stub end, and which one is type B stub end, please see the following picture:

The Right is type B stub end, it is according to MSS SP-43 Standard, the neck and the collar has 90 deg angle to fit the SORF flange.The left is Type A , it has an 45° angled radius to fit the LP flange. From the above picture you can see the difference.

Then let us know which one is SORF flange and the LP flagne. Please check the following picture:

The Left is SORF Flange, it is according to ASTM B16.5 Standard. It has a raised face, which is the sealing face. And it got Gramophone finish on the raised face. Also on the stub end collar tope end has the Gramophone finish.

Now, let us see the matachable status for both of them:

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