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Galvanized Flanged Foot Valve

PartA: Introduction

Galvanized Flanged Foot Valve also know as Galvanized Quick Release Foot Valve (SwingFlap Type)
are installed at the bottom of pump suction line, inside the water storage andare used to prime a single centrifugal pump. Since foot valves are continuallysubmerged in the water storage and not readily accessible for inspection orrepair, it is important to select a foot valve of high quality long wearingconstruction either brass, poly or galvanized steel.

Afoot valve is operated by the flap that is lifted up off its seat by higherpressure of inlet or upstream flow or suction. When the pressure is no longerhigher, gravity or higher downstream pressure will cause the disc to lower ontoits seat, shutting the valve to stop reverse flow.


Themain components of this foot valve include the body, flap, seat and strainer.The swing flap pivots freely on the hinge blocks. Its movement is restrictedwith stops that prevent damage to the inside walls of the valve. A durable NBRrubber seal is fitted to the flap for reliable service and the flap assembly isa self-leveling design to allow for wear within the seal. A quick release leveris fitted to the valve and can be remotely activated by a cable to release thewater in the valve.

1.    Features:

Material:Galvanized steel

Hot-dipgalvanized zn according to ISO1461:2009.

Wallthickness less than 1.5mm, local coating thickness is 35 um, mean coatingthickness is 45um.

Wallthickness more than 1.5mm, less than 3mm, local coating thickness is 45um, meancoating thickness is 55um

WorkingPressure: 12-16bar for size above 4”

WorkingTemperature: From -20℃up to +50℃

Size:4", 6", 8"

Application:irrigation, mining and tunneling, civil engineering project, emergency watersupply, dewatering and drainage

Suitablefor general irrigation, rural and heavy-duty industrial applications

2.    Applications:

  • Irrigation systems
  • Dewatering & drainage: Suction and delivery lines for site dewatering
  • Bypass for water & sewer lines
  • Water transfer (fresh & waste water)
  • Dredging
  • Mining & tunneling
  • Civil engineering projects,
  • Emergency water supply, such as disaster and fire control
  • Sludge handling
  • Conveyance for powder or granular materials
  • Road construction
  • Oil industry applications: Onshore/ offshore drilling
  • Well point
  • Pumps & pumping stations
  • lurry & liquid manure
  • Building & road construction


3.     Media:

  • Potable drinking water
  • Waste water
  • Compressed air and gases
  • Exhaust fumes
  • Sludge
  • Motar

·       Bentonite

·       Crude oil andoil products

·       Pneumaticloading of powder and granular materials, such as gains and feeds and so on.

4.     Advantage:

  • Fast, flexible, strong & safe
  • High performance couplers & fittings
  • Quick Release (ie release the water so you can drain the suction pipe/hose of water)
  • High Flow
  • Hot dipped Galvanized Steel
  • Durable NBR rubber seal
  • Built in object strainer (suitable for filtering large items such as rocks, large sticks etc).  The holes in the screen are 20mm long x 8mm high or 11mm round hole.
  • Heavy duty construction designed to offer years of trouble-free service


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