Guillemin Copling

Helico Hose End

    Note: Material: AL, SS304/316

    Standard: EN14420-8/NFE29572

    Guillemin couplings (symmetric, symmetries) are a French standard and are widely used on tanker fleets for bulk powder and granule transfer. Guillemin Couplings have an identical locking head with no separate male or female half. Guillemin Couplings are manufactured in aluminum alloy and NBR seals.

    Guillemin Couplings are available with or without locking rings and in 3 styles, male (BSP), female (BSP) and hose tail.
    On the hose tail units, we offer a standard serrated tail for fitting onto rubber hose and a special variety with a 'scroll' tail suitable for fitting to composite hose.
    Please note - 2 units with locking ring can be safely connected as can 1 unit with a locking ring & 1 without.

    For more information, please check the attached PDF Introduction: